About Us

Since its inception in 1973, over a span of 3 decades, our small unit has developed into well equipped and professionally managed unit. Today we are reputed manufacturer for customised closed die Hot Forgings in Carbon and Alloy Steel ranging from 250 gms. weight to 20 kg.

Our focus is oriented on Forgings, Heat Treatment, Surface Cleaning, Machining and Sub Contracting activities as per the customer requirement. We employ modern manufacturing tooling which ensures accuracy, quality and efficiency, resulting in cost competitiveness and customer satisfaction.

Overseas Trade Policy

  • Our overseas trade policy is very flexible and personalised.
  • We undertake development of component at our risk and cost;
  • Samples are forwarded to our prospective buyers after getting approval of our offer on their enquiry;
  • We welcome our customer to visit us any time to evaluate our capabilities and capacity;
  • Normally no rectification is needed on samples we sent, but if required, cost will again be borne by us.