Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium

Production Facilities

DROP HAMMERS: - 1000 KGM, 2500 KGM, 4000 KGM
UPSETTER :- 2" Capacity to 6" Capacity
PRESSES :- For Sheet Metal Components & Fabrication.


Tools are manufactured in-house. Final Completion operations with CAD/CAM.Technique

Parts On Hammers

From Few grams to 65 Kilos, Max Length - 600 mm, Max Height - 200 mm, Max Dia - 500 mm

Parts On Upsetter

Long Shaft from 32 mm Dia Stock bar to 75 mm Dia Stock Bar, Flanges Dia upto 300 mm, Total Length upto 1600 mm.

Sheet Metal Components

Plasma Cutting Parts, Laser Cutting Parts, Sheet Metal Cutting, Bending, Machining, Welding & Fabrication.

Heat Treatment

Normalising, Quenching - Tempering (QT), Induction Hardening

Surface Treatment

Shot Blasting, Auto Black, Zinc Yellow Chromate, Zinc Black, Nickle Plating, Powder Coating : Black, Red, Yellow, Blue