Quality Policy

Our forge products meet our customers specific requirement. To ensure this, product passes to various rigorous and rigid quality control measures for heat treatment, shot blasting, megnaflux, grain flow, hardness and dial gauge inspection through various facilities we have at our disposal in our works.

Our qualified and dedicated employees have helped us to deliver the reliable products to our clients in time irrespective of the quantity - big or small.

Your quantity does not effect our quality. Our quality will effect your quantity.

New Technology

Tools are made with new technology using CAD/CAM technique. This makes forging manufacturing economic and resultant forged pieces are durable and precisely measured.

Order Quantities

We do small series on competitave price. In small series manufacturing, we can combine different method including forging, machining, milling and welding etc.

Liberty Of Shapes

Use of CAD/CAM design pays attention to weight, durability and usability of every detail. Forged components are the result of close co-operation between the forge shop and customers.

Personalised Services

We take care of customers needs and expectation. In co-operation with our customer, we try to find best solutions.


we comply with ISO 9002 standard and apply the customers quality criteria.